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Founded by Business Leaders, Built by World Class Scientists and Developers

Collective[i] was founded by Tad Martin, Heidi Messer and Stephen Messer, a group of experienced business executives who recognized that most organizations lacked the infrastructure to "listen" to their customers, measure the collective efforts of their team, and quantify the real revenue they drive for their enterprise.

Appreciating the importance of having real-time decision making to dramatically improve resource allocation and increase revenue, they created the first data-driven technology and network to transform massive amounts of raw data into enterprise shared strategic knowledge.

For that reason, the Collective[i]™ analytics solution was specifically built for the end business user; not data experts or analysts or fancy consultants. To accomplish their mission, Tad, Heidi and Stephen compiled, the "dream team" -- an elite group of the world's leading data scientists, PhD-level technology developers and business experts to collaborate and build the first business intelligence network.

In addition to its management team, Collective[i] is privileged to have an advisory board of business and technological innovators including Julian Brodsky (Co-Founder of Comcast Corporation), Lester Wunderman (Chairman Emeritus and Founder of Wunderman), Hilary Mason (Chief Scientist of, David Axmark (founder of MySql), and Ken Rudin (Head of Analytics at Facebook), who have helped to shape the company's vision.

Analytics for business users
Collective[i] vision

The Collective[i] network uses technology and science to transform the universe’s most valuable data and information into answers, knowledge, decisions and actions that are accessible to any business user when they need it for an advantage.

Collective[i] believes
Big data analytics

Be easy to use for business owners

Be transparent across the organization

Answer strategic questions that grow the business

Continue to evolve with the ever-changing landscape

Be accurate and timely
Big data strategy

Inform strategy not just measure execution

Be central to all business (pre-game, during and post)

Be accessible to business users and IT

Be shared and social

Be engaging not elusive