The collective intelligence of the world’s most talented sales professionals.

Collective[i] aggregates the collective experience of sellers across multiple enterprises in order to understand and predict buying behavior. From there, Collective[i]’s applications guide managers and sales professionals to ensure that selling and buying activities are aligned.

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The Smart Enterprise, Driven by Intelligence.

The world has moved beyond traditional CRM. Every sales organization needs to understand its buyers. Collective[i] established the field of Enterprise Revenue Management (ERM). Where CRM documents how sellers are selling, ERM analyzes how buyer’s make their buying decisions. When these two disciplines are combined, the game changes. ERM is an essential counterpart to CRM in order to predict outcomes and grow revenue. CRM laid the groundwork for ERM and completed the selling process.

CRM and standalone technology will never be enough to predict outcomes.

And therein lies the difference between Collective[i] and every other technology on the market attempting to bring predictive analytics to sales.

Collective[i] has created a B2B buying graph using data it observes across the world’s leading sales enterprises. Using science and technology, we convert this data into on demand intelligence that guides sellers using behavior. That intelligence fuels our applications which contain a set of highly curated analyses designed to give our clients exponential advantages.

Collective[i] is one of the largest, most diverse and fastest growing networks of enterprise sales data.

The size of Collective[i]’s data set allows us to generate predictions and recognize buying patterns across multiple sectors, companies and individuals. The result is that each of our clients are exponentially more intelligent than they would be analyzing their own data in isolation.

Implementation is very straightforward using read-only API access to CRM and other sales tools clients can be completed in days. Our finished applications are delivered via SaaS, accessible anywhere at any time business users need an advantage.

By combining a network of data with advanced and patented technology (predictive analytics and artificial intelligence), Collective[i] is able to produce insights that make the connection between what sales teams are doing and what they should be doing.

In short, Collective[i] converts an analog sales organization (manual spreadsheets, one off apps, endless meetings, etc.) into a modern, buyer-centric organization that personalizes every single sale.

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The Collective [i]ntelligence of the world’s most talented sales professionals.

Collective[i] bridges the gap between what CRM reports and what sales should be doing by aggregating the collective experience of sellers across multiple enterprises in order to understand and predict buying behavior.

From there, Collective[i]’s applications guide managers and sales professionals to ensure that selling and buying activities are aligned.

Sales organizations face a set of common challenges; most of which stem from the fact that CRM was designed to track contacts and activities, not grow revenue. That disconnect explains why sales professionals resist entering data that only sales managers find useful. While CRM enables managers to see what’s happening, for sales professionals, it is little more than a tax on their time.

In order to convert CRM data into intelligence the entire organization can use, you need Collective[i].


Collective[i]'s Applications.

In the digital age, the only thing that matters is scale and speed. Companies must find partners that help them do both. The enterprise has seen the power of LinkedIn for recruiting, Facebook for social networking, Google for search and now, Collective[i] for sales.

Plugging in to a powerful network is the difference between winning and losing, thriving and failing, adaptation and obsolescence. Collective[i] is essential for any small, medium or large enterprise, no matter the industry, to grow and compete.

Clients access the Collective[i] network through applications that are delivered via SaaS. Some features of these applications include:

  • /Integrate™

    Links all of your sales technologies together to eliminate the need for rigor. /Integrate provides predictive and personalized insights directly to every member of your sales team to free up time to manage and sell.

  • /Cleanse™

    Uses Collective[i] network data to supplement internal data sources (such as CRM) that are often flawed or incomplete. /Cleanse replaces the data entry cycle of junk in, junk out.

  • /Enlighten™

    Replaces a traditional forecast with a predictive daily snapshot of likely revenue outcomes. /Enlighten is designed to guide managers and sales professionals to the activities that will have the most impact. Unlike internal forecasting tools, /Enlighten uses the Collective[i] network of data, machine learning and predictive analytics to analyze external buying patterns and benchmark them against the internal activities performed by your sales team.

  • /Inform™

    Is designed to guide sales representatives with intelligence about the buying organizations of their prospects so that managers can hire for sales experience instead of buyer knowledge. /Inform can reduce turnover by shortening the time to identifying influencers, gatekeepers and decision makers.

  • /Plan™

    Allows managers and sales professionals to get a predictive pipeline analysis instantly eliminating the need for lengthy meetings to identify problems and opportunities.

  • /Coach™

    Alerts managers to areas of development of their team members and enables them to track progress.

  • /Know™

    Gives a news analysis that can instantly provide buyer insights.

  • /Assist™

    Allows for connections to be made that will advance a sale.

  • /Communicate™

    Provides team members with a single view of the truth and a suite of collaboration tools to coordinate efforts.

Learn more about the future of sales
Learn more about the future of sales


My company's data is not high quality. Do I need to clean up my CRM before Collective[i] can deliver intelligence?

No. Collective[i] recognized early on that the norm is imperfect data because the process of manual input is so tedious and actually takes away from the art of selling. By connecting to internal sales management tools (CRM, email, calendar, document management, and more), Collective[i] can pull data directly from log files and when combined with our patented technology, can automatically track activities and opportunities. Our network data fills in the remaining gaps so that the energy spent managing technology and people, can be converted into managing opportunities and revenue.

My sales organization does not even have CRM. Should we wait until we are ready?

No. Your buyers aren’t waiting for you. By removing the need for manual data entry and discovery, Collective[i] allows sales managers and professionals to use their data to close more deals. Our applications were designed for business users to modernize the sales organization intuitively. As part of our larger mission, you may want to inquire about the programs we have to enlist your team and become more buyer-centric.

Our sale is different. We have an exceptionally [long/short] sales cycle. We are too [big/small] to use Collective[i]. No one sells like we do. Can we use Collective[i]?

Collective[i] was designed to understand how and when enterprises make buying decisions. The type of sale (industry, average sales value, length of the sale cycle, etc.) does not matter. Collective[i] studies how businesses make buying decisions using science to uncover patterns and insights.

How collective[i] works
How collective[i] works
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