The Intelligent Enterprise.

Collective[i] is part of a movement to modernize how people work. The goal is to use networks, collaborative tools, predictive technologies and artificial intelligence to make the most of human talent. In order to best serve our clients, we must also serve as a beacon for innovation and a positive force for change.

Our mission
Our mission

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Collective[i] is a global network supported by leading teams of committed scientists, developers, sales, finance and marketing professionals who passionately believe that Collective[i]’s network and applications are dramatically transforming the enterprise and improving the working lives of the sales teams we support.


Collective[i] is on the cutting edge of several of the most disruptive trends to hit the enterprise: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Enterprise Revenue Management. To execute, we must enlist the world’s best thinkers and doers who are constantly asking why, and to what end and how can I do this better? People who combine raw intelligence with experience, imagination and ingenuity to execute on our mission and bring success to our clients through the Collective[i] network, one of the largest enterprise networks in the world.

The successful Collective[i] team member is smart, curious, confident and driven. They are competitive and take ownership in their work and want to make a tangible impact on Collective[i]’s success, on the team and on our clients.

We are looking for people who want to bring their big ideas and best, unfiltered selves to work every day. People who can amplify our culture and exceed every expectation and goal set before them.

Are you a Fit?

Extraordinary individuals build extraordinary companies. We are committed to finding and recruiting the best talent from all over the world. Collective[i]’s hiring process is extremely rigorous.

Though we come from different backgrounds and possess diverse talents and perspectives, the Collective[i] team share certain characteristics.

  • We celebrate the sales profession.
  • We value science and imagination equally.
  • We are driven by winning, not egos.
  • We have a sense of humor about everything except losing.
  • We take risks and learn from our mistakes.
  • We are creators, builders, problem solvers and collaborators.
  • We embrace diversity as a competitive advantage.
  • We have integrity and take pride in what we do.
  • We move fast, and adapt to change.
  • We are passionate, committed and loyal.
  • We honor our prospects and clients with excellence and a mission to make their work lives better.
Collective[i] is proudly headquartered in NYC with offices in Silicon Valley and Europe.

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Collective[i] is leading the movement to modernize how people work.

Collective[i]'s mission is to share intelligence through networks, collaborative tools, predictive technologies, artificial intelligence and live events that make the most of human talent. In order to best serve our clients, we must serve as a connector, a beacon for innovation and a positive force for change.

Collective[i] regularly hosts pop-up dinners, salons and other private gatherings designed to inspire and collaborate with the world’s top business, scientific and creative minds. If you would like to hear more about our private events, sign up for our newsletter.

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Receive our newsletter


“When you truly see networks, it changes the way you plan and strategize. You move differently”

Reid Hoffman
Founder, LinkedIn

Collective[i] is affiliated with several networks all of whom have the mission of a better future through the sharing of data, intelligence and expertise. is the first network for the world’s leading sales professionals. Powered by Collective[i]’s data and analytics, this network provides real time intelligence and collaboration tools.. This network is currently invitation only.

Request an invitation
Request an invitation

Zokei is an invitation-only network comprised of the world’s leading artists, scientists, technologists and business leaders. Over the course of the year, in a variety of global locations, Zokei members hold enlightenment style salons to discuss and collaborate on innovative ways to make the world a better place.

Discover Zokei
Discover Zokei

Collective[i] actively seeks out partners that are focused on the future. As one of the most innovative design houses in Europe, Werkstatt was pleased to collaborate with Collective[i] to bring you this website.


The Intelligence

Art meets Science

Armed with the knowledge of who their buyers are and when they are most likely to buy, it’s imperative that sales professionals have strong skills around the art of selling, such as, building trust, relating, negotiating, persuading, and closing.

Based on scientific research around how people learn, Collective[i] has developed proprietary programs designed to refine the skills essential to sales in a data driven world.

We provide customized and interactive training programs for:

  • Annual Sales Meetings
  • Team Building
  • Quarterly Training Exercises
  • Skill Specific Training Exercises
  • Buyer-Centric Sales Seminars

Learn more
Learn more

Collective[i] Certification & Intelligence Institute Faculty & Fellows. Coming soon.


Contact us.

450 Park Avenue South, Floor 3
New York, New York 10016
Phone: 646.400.5011

Pitch us.

If you believe (ideally as a result of using Collective[i]’s network) that you have a service or product that would improve our company, please send a detailed proposal to While we cannot guarantee that your efforts will be successful, we do review (and attempt to respond to) each and every thoughtful submission.

How collective[i] works
How collective[i] works
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