The science of buying.
The art of selling.

Collective[i] is the creator of the largest global network mapping enterprise buying behavior using data, artificial intelligence and predictive technologies to guide sales professionals through the activities that lead directly to revenue.

Take me to the future
Take me to the future

The science of buying.
The art of selling.

The World's Network for Sales

Collective[i] hosts one of the largest global networks devoted to B2B sales. Collective[i] has mapped B2B buying behavior using data, artificial intelligence and predictive technologies in order to guide sales professionals through the activities that lead directly to revenue.

Collective[i]’s applications easily connect to your CRM and other relevant data sources to transform them into insights and intelligence. We remove the need for rigor, endless meetings, routine/manual analyses (such as forecasting) and research by offering real time intelligence linking buyer behavior to seller activity. Imagine having the insights of thousands of sales professionals anytime you need it for every opportunity. That's Collective[i]. Every manager is armed with insights into their team’s pipeline and performance. Every sales professional knows where to focus.
All that’s left to do is win.

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Collective[i] targets sales organizations who realize that data is key to modernizing their sales organization. Small, medium and large enterprises plug-in to Collective[i] as their engine of intelligence. Their teams range in size from dozens to thousands of sales professionals and are headquartered all over the world. Collective[i]’s clients represent the world’s most advanced sales organizations. We share the view that data and analytics are essential to success. Collective[i] positions our clients to be on the winning side of our future.

For all of us, winning means being a part of something bigger- a network that, by the laws of physics, will beat those who operate in isolation every single time.

In short, we offer the network of sales leaders who collaborate, and intelligence about enterprise buying behavior that creates unbeatable advantages.


About us.

After transforming the world of online sales and successfully generating over a billion dollars of investment returns, the founders of Collective[i] sought opportunities to transform the way people live and work.

Starting in 2010, they set upon the world of B2B selling. After 35 years of sales innovation, they were startled to discover that 80% of sales management’s time is spent on administrative tasks, that only 46% of forecasted deals close and that up to 52% of sales professionals miss quota, leading 25% of them to lose their jobs every year, despite over 1 trillion USD invested in their success. The lack of clarity around sales was leading to missed revenue and layoffs that impacted individual enterprises and the global economy.

While conventional sales organizations used CRM to count sales activities and manage sales workflows, the three founders theorized a better way to predict the outcome of the sales process was to study the buyers. They surmised that by building a network of sales organizations and then applying emerging data science technologies, they would be able to identify patterns of how enterprises around the world actually made their buying decisions.

To build this network they recruited world-renowned experts in the growing fields of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

In the half decade that followed, the network grew and with it, the largest graph of B2B buyers from around the world.

Originally sold to the Global 500, Collective[i] expanded its offering to all large, medium and smaller organizations. Today, the world's leading companies use Collective[i] to radically improve their sales organizations regardless of whether they have long or short selling cycles, large average order amounts or small, thousands or dozens of sales professionals.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Collective[i] several key patents (with several more pending) around its network and technology.

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Learn more

“The future of enterprise lies in the hands of sales.”

Heidi Messer

“Every great entrepreneur is a salesperson and every great salesperson is an entrepreneur.”

Stephen Messer

“Sales professionals play a critical role in the innovation economy. They convince others to see a new vision and move forward, they are informed, passionate, persistent in the pursuit of truth and most importantly they are resilient in the face of all obstacles... I can think of no better place for companies to invest.”

Tad Martin


Building Collective[i] has attracted some of the most well known leaders in business and technology. As the Collective[i] network has grown and changed the way companies manage revenue, more and more innovators and leaders have endorsed our model. Starting with a small group of experts, Collective[i]'s clients now get the benefit of exclusive insights from these leaders and unprecedented access to the behind the scene thinking that is leading companies to win in a fast changing world.

To this, we enlisted some legends of the business, scientific and technology world.

  • /Creative™

    Celebrating the meeting places of science, technology and art.

    • Marc Babej
      Photographic Artist

      Marc Babej is a photographic artist based in New York City. Uneasy coexistences is a primary theme — embracing the viewer with one arm, while holding him at a distance with the other — and he exclusively works in black and white, turning his congenital color-blindness into an advantage. Also a writer, Marc began his career as one of the youngest reporters in the history of Forbes. He also writes a column about luminaries in art, in German, for Der Spiegel, and in English for American Photo.

    • Louise Gillis
      Director, Group Finance System

      As director of Interbrand’s Group Finance System, Louise Gillis drives the usage and adoption of branding giant’s customer relationship management program across its global network. Prior to Interbrand, she spent more than a decade at BrandWizard, ultimately as its director of Strategic Consulting.

  • /Talent™

    Understanding that the greatest people make all the difference.

    • James Dickie
      Managing Partner
      CSO Insights

      James “Jim” Dickie is managing partner of CSO Insights, a research firm serving sales and marketing executives. Previously, James was the vice president and co-founder of Demax Software, vice president of AIDA and VP of Marketing at Teradyne.

    • John Mass
      Executive Vice President
      Content Partners

      John Mass is executive vice president of Content Partners, LLC, a first-of-its kind entity that acquires and manages film and television libraries and provides liquidity to owners of royalties and other passive profit participations in film, television, music and other entertainment industry projects. Previously, John was a partner at Oasis Media Group, a personal management company, and before that spent 17 years at William Morris Agency (now William Morris Endeavor), ultimately as its executive vice president and a member of its board. He recently ended a seven-year appointment as chairman of the California State Lottery, during which he helped it become a $4.3 billion business.

    • Jack Myers

      Jack Myers is a media economist and investment advisor at Media Advisory Group. He’s the chairman of MyersBIzNet, a research-based B2B media and marketing company, chairman of the board of the International Radio and Television Society, the editor of the Jack Myers Media Business Report and an advisor to the Newhouse School of Syracuse University, where he developed and implemented the Newhouse Network, a young professional advisory council.

    • Barry Trailer
      Managing Partner, Co-Founder
      CSO Insights

      Barry Trailer is a managing partner and co-founder of CSO Insights, a sales effectiveness research and benchmarking firm. In addition to more than 30 years of professional selling experience, Barry has also been president of Miller-Heiman, a respected sales training firm, and Goldmine, a well known CRM application.

  • /Data™

    Making sense of a world of facts.

    • John Patrick Derham
      Founder, CEO
      iQ media

      John P. Derham is the founder and CEO of iQ media, a leading media intelligence software company. A pioneer in early marketing databases for targeting and risk management, he has built predictive models used by JP Morgan Chase, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Fleet Financial, MRU Holdings and Advanta Corp.

    • Hilary Mason
      Fast Forward Labs

      Hilary Mason is the founder of Fast Forward Labs, a machine intelligence research company, and the Data Scientist in Residence at Accel. Previously, she spent four years as the chief scientist at bitly. She also co-founded NackNY, co-hosted, DataGotham, is a member of NYCResistor and believes that “technology should give us superpowers.”

    • Ken Rudin
      Head of Analytics

      Ken Rudin is an entrepreneur and executive with a unique combination of leadership skills, analytical strength, marketing savvy, sales experience, product vision and technical depth. He’s head of Analytics at Facebook, and previously was VP of Analytics and Platform Technologies at Zynga. He has also held leadership roles at and Oracle.

  • /Science™

    Asking all the right questions.

    • David Axmark
      MariaDb Corporation

      David Axmark co-founded MySQL AB, as well as the free database server MySQL. He’s currently an advisor to Campanja, MariaDb Corporation (formerly SkySQL), MoSync AB and OrangeHRM.

    • Evan Korth
      Clinical Professor
      New York University

      Evan Korth is a clinical professor at the Department of Computer Science and the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. He’s a co-founder of hackNY, coach of the NYU International Collegiate Programming Contest Team, faculty advisor to tech@NYU, the inaugural member of the Computer Science Mentor Program and the faculty liason for Technology Entrepreneurship.

    • Jon Otterstatter
      President, CEO, Co-Founder

      Jon Otterstatter is the president, CEO and co-founder of Preventice, a provider of mobile health solutions and remote monitoring systems. Previously, Jon was the executive VP and CTO of SPSS, a senior VP of Technology at ShowCase Corporation and a senior program manager at IBM.

    • Peter Platzer

      Peter Platzer is a visionary physicist and the CEO of Spire Global, a satellite-powered data company. Before Spire, Peter was a nanosatellites researcher at the NASA Ames Research Center, a career coach at HBS, a senior portfolio manager at Vegasoul Capital Former and a director at Deutsche Bank.

    • Alok Srivastava
      Senior Vice President of Global Engineering

      Alok Srivastava is the senior vice president of Engineering at ScaleArc. He’s also a Big Data product, engineering and R&D executive, an advisor to technology startups and was the former founding VPE at Delphix and the vice president of Engineering at ParAccel. Alok led the RAC Database and Clusterware’s engineering at Oracle for more than a decade and is the owner of 32 U.S. patents.

  • /Strategic™

    Sharing brillance from places of experience.

    • Julian Brodsky
      Vice Chairman

      Julian Brodsky is the co-founder, director and vice chairman of Comcast Corporation. Previously, he was the CEO of Comcast Interactive Capital and senior vice president and CEO of Comcast.

    • Kay Koplovitz
      Koplovitz & Co.

      Kay Koplovitz, always inspired by possibility, is the founder of the USA Network, chairman of the board of Liz Claiborne, Inc., and the chairman and co-founder of Springboard Enterprises, a group that supports tech companies led by women.

    • Marty Pompadur
      Chairman of the Board
      METAN Development Group

      Marty Pompadur is chairman of the board of METAN Develop Group, a multi-media company that delivers Western entertainment content to China. Formerly, Marty was a member of the ABC Board of Directors, the executive vice president of News Corporation and president of News Corporation.

    • Lester Wunderman
      Chairman Emeritus and Founder

      Lester Wunderman is chairman emeritus and founder of Wunderman, the largest global marketing service network in the world. Lester is a pioneer of direct marketing, with 50-plus years of experience in the field.

    • Richard D. Parsons
      Senior Advisor
      Providence Equity

      Dick Parsons is a senior advisor of Providence and former chairman of Citigroup. He is also the former chairman and CEO of Time Warner. Before joining Time Warner in 1995, Mr. Parsons was chairman and CEO of Dime Bancorp. Previously, he was the managing partner of New York law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler. Mr. Parsons has held various positions in state and federal government, serving as counsel to Nelson Rockefeller and as a senior White House aide under President Gerald Ford.

  • /Entrepreneurial™

    Thinking big, imagining more advancing vision.

    • Doug Alexander
      Actua corporation

      Doug Alexander is the president of Actua Corporation, a cloud company pioneering the second wave of SaaS. For 17 years he was the president of Internet Capital Group (ICG), and among other distinctions, he was the CEO of and the founder of Reality Online, a financial planning tool and online services company that was purchased by Reuters.

    • Jeff Fluhr
      CEO and Co-Founder

      Jeff Fluhr is the co-founder and CEO of Spreecast, a social video platform that connects people and recently launched a second product, a video communication platform called Room. Previously, he was the CEO of, until it was sold to eBay for more than $310 million.

    • Ken Seiff
      Managing Partner
      Beanstalk Ventures

      Ken Seiff’s Beanstalk Ventures focuses on investing in early stage companies positioned at the intersection of retail and technology. Prior to Beanstalk, he led the Omni-Channel division for Brooks Brothers Gropu, co-founded Glowcast Ventures and Poppin — a market disruptor that’s been called “Apple meets Office Depot” — and was the founder and CEO of Bluefly until 2004.

    • Mark Walsh
      Executive Chairman

      Mark Walsh is the executive chairman of Homesnap, a residential real-estate technology company that enables consumers to take a photo of a home to learn all about it. Mark is also the founder and chairman of GeniusRocket, a crowdsourcing platform, and has or presently serves on the boards of; the Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy; Union College and the Bipartisan Policy Center. He’s also a managing partner in Ruxton Venture.

    • Michael Loeb
      President, CEO
      Loeb Entreprises

      Michael Loeb is the president and CEO of Loeb Enterprises, a direct-to-consumer marketing firm. Previously, Michael was president of the Synapse Group, Inc., which was acquire by Time Warner in 2005 for more than $700 million.

    • Sergio Fernandez de Cordova
      Board Member
      The United Nations Global Entrepreneurs Council

      Sergio is one of the youngest initiators of public-private partnerships to drive business and social change. Launching from his work at Fuel, Sergio forged a variety of private-public partnerships with political and business leaders across the U.S. and several major global cities. In 2003 he co-founded Fuel Outdoor Holdings and helped grow it into the third-largest privately owned outdoor advertising company in the country. Among other distinctions, he’s the co-founder of P3 Global Management and the PVBLIC foundation, and a delegate with the U.S. Department of State-led Global Entrepreneurship Program.

How collective[i] works
How collective[i] works
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